Ear Piercing

No More Clip-Ons!

Our office offers ear piercing using the Studex® Universal Ear Piercing System. It is the most widely used ear piercing system in the world today. It is safe, gentle piercing and virtually pain free. When performed properly, most people feel little or no discomfort.

Studex® ear piercing studs exceed all F.D.A requirements, are sealed and sterilized in individual packages and are safe for ears of any age. We recommend parents consult with a pediatrician for infants before their ears are pierced.  Studex® Sensitive is the high fashion earring solution for people who suffer from nickel sensitivity. Each classic style is made in the USA of the highest quality surgical stainless steel and karat gold. Each style is safe enough to be worn every day.

Studex® ear piercing products are designed to safely pierce the ear lobe and outer cartilage of the ear. We do not pierce other parts of the body.

Healing after piercing takes a minimum of 6 weeks for pierced ear lobes and 12 weeks for ear cartilage piercings.

Studex Ear Piercing Stone Dermatology